Mayor Zhao Junmin investigated social cause construction project in Ankang HTZ

Time:2019-08-26 11:46       Author:Anonymity       CopyFrom:AnkHTZ

August 19th, mayor Zhao Junmin investigated Ankang HTZ social cause development emphasize, need to focus on time nodes, speed up important project construct, promote social understakings of the whole city go up to a new level, in further raising city competitive power and the masses sence of gain. With the deputy mayor Yang miao investigated. Municipal relevant department head, han bin zone , Ankang HTZ relevant head participate in activities.

In Ankang middle school high tech campus, mayor Zhao Junmin look at teching building, gymnasium, teacher’s apartment and school restaurant construction, he emphasize, school started schortly, need to accelerate promoting various tail sweeping project, careful carrying out campus security, food hygiene and others dangers indentify, creating security, comfort campus environment, they should as quickly straighten out the system and mechanism, strengthen teachers strenth and teching management, whole promote school core competence, strive for masses provide high quality education service.

In municipal party committee party school college building, municipal worker cultural palace project construct scene, Zhao Junmin emphasize, we need to strict accordance with project design program implementation, insist beautiful, concise and practical, meeting function requirments, on the premise of ensuring quality and safety, overall speed up construct schedule, strive for early completion and commissioning.